Built in on LINIKINI

As Enesis Group’s product suits daily use, their main aim is to maintain the brand top of mind, therefore constantly reminding the audience about their presence

Interesting Creative Contents by LINIKINI that relates to daily activities creates high awareness & viewers interest level. Such enthusiasm encourages Herlina Indah & Sari Enesis to embed all their products alongside LINIKINI Creative Contents to generate high awareness

Built In programs are very productive as we’re able to embed multiple products alongside interesting creative contents. An effective alternative way to advertise to position ourselves as we entertain 1,200,000 daily commuters.

Fauzi PaneBrand Manager

Mass Transit

People spend about more than 1 hour on commuting in our network, which becomes a good opportunity communicate your ideas & messages clearly

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Train Handgrips

Intercity Train Coverseat

Intercity Train Station Media

Commter Train Station Media

Hanging Alley

Below The Line Activation Booth