Macroad Won The Concession For The Airport Express Stations in Jakarta

Macroad DOOH, a brand of PT. Pulau Pulau Media, with focus on digital out-of-home advertising with its flagship media on Commuterline Jabodetabek, was awarded with the concession to operate advertising media at the two main stations for the upcoming airport express trains: Sudirman Baru & Soekarno-Hatta International airport.

PT. Railink, the project owner, awarded this concession to Macroad after a bidding process involving other contenders such as: Ming, CityVision, Via8, Alternative Media Group (AMG).

With this concession, Macroad will be expanding the reach of its advertising media to the new target market that hasn’t been exposed by brands, as the transportation to the airport from inner city is still mainly dominated by private vehicles. This will change soon with the new airport express train by PT. Railink.